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About the Founder

The Gods founder, Natalie Vazquez, has always loved the feeling of a fresh, clean face and wanted to make it available for herself, and others.


It all started in 2014 when Natalie was working as an air traffic controller and would commute to work, about 2 hours each way. Before driving home after her shift, she wanted to wash her face and have 5 minutes of relaxation before the commute, even if it was in the bathroom/locker room of the airport tower. After storing dozens of different of types of disposable wipes in her locker, she wasn’t pleased with any brand. She started using cleansers instead and plain water. Then, came the next issue: She wanted the feeling of a towel, a real towel, not a brown paper towel from the bathroom. After she covered her dining room table in snippets of various fabric and searching for over a year, she finally found what she had been looking for; A luxe washcloth for the face, for all.


How did she come up with the name, “The Gods”?


Working as an air traffic controller, she witnessed many amazing feats. One particular afternoon during Hurricane Season in South Florida, heavy weather was headed towards the airport. Dark clouds surrounded the 360-degree view of the Palm Beach International Tower. She saw how gracefully her coworkers slowly brought in all the aircraft to safety on the ground. When the clouds departed and the sun started shining again, they allowed the aircraft to depart back into the skies. It reminded her of the stories of Zeus on Mount Olympus, and so, the brand was born, The Gods.  Products for everyday heroes, fit for The Gods.

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